class conversation

Stimulate a class discussion based on the current learning sequence. Provide opportunities for students to contribute to the discussion by directly inviting them in and getting them to gain confidence in a socialised learning process.

This kind of interaction is about trying to involve the class as a whole and is perfect for when you want to explore diversity and individual experiences within the class. It is essential to note that the conversation needs to be facilitated well for the group to feel able to contribute. A facilitator often needs to encourage and invite class members to speak for students to feel comfortable sharing. This may require the facilitator to take the lead and share their thoughts or experiences before inviting others. The facilitator needs to ensure that the class is a safe space to share and may need to lay some ground rules about the topic, fence off certain aspects and at times interrupt the conversation to guide it back on topic. The active facilitator role is essential when introducing this kind of activity, but over time, it can become more learned and practised by the students and requires less input as the course progresses.