moral—ethical dilemma

Provide students with a problem or situation, and ask them to explore one or more of the moral and ethical concerns.

Ask students to apply their knowledge and experience to a specific dilemma. This prompt will help students think about a topic from multiple sides, giving them a broader understanding of the subject. To help facilitate this discussion, ask students to qualify their answers and provide supporting evidence or precedent. Moral dilemmas do not tend to have a correct answer, which students may be seeking, so this must be clear from the outset. The discussion should focus on how individuals make decisions and what guides them. This discussion should concentrate on collecting various views and not seeking consensus. It may also stimulate further discussion on ways to engage with different perspectives. It is important to note that moral dilemmas are typical of complex issues, which may make discussion difficult for students who relate to the issues or the kinds of discussion that may occur. You may wish to find less topical examples to discuss or implement some clear guidance for the students if they have difficulty participating in the discussion.